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Machining is a very detail-oriented and technical process, and at Hewitt (Brockville) Ltd., we understand that every business is different and will need equipment to suit specific needs. To help your business meet those needs around Brockville, we build machinery, working either from customer’s designs and drawings or providing a design build-package, using our internal mechanical designers and experienced shop personnel. Our staff has extensive mechanical knowledge under the guidance of our machinery rebuild group, who can either modify or rebuild almost any size of equipment to suit your business.


Once you’re ready to have us build your specialized equipment, we will make sure it’s made with quality, using our large shop with large lathes, bed-type and boring mills, wire EDMs, and other specialty equipment. To discuss your machining and design requirements in Brockville, call us or fill out the form, and we will do our best to accommodate them.


We produce a wide variety of machined parts, including:

  • Prototypes
  • 3D surfaced parts
  • Short production runs
  • Sub-contract machining and assembly
  • Spare parts (as part of the Hewitt Parts program we have set up with many customers)

We also repair and rebuild equipment, including rolls, bearing housings, frames, fabricated pieces, and equipment that requires a comprehensive overhaul. To see the previous machining work we have done in Brockville, check out our brochure and connect with us in case of any doubts.

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The process of removing material to create parts for machines is called machining. The material is cut into a final shape and size to create parts and mating assemblies. At Hewitt (Brockville) Ltd., we have a wide variety of equipment such as lathes, mills, boring mills, CNC equipment, etc.


To create a finished product from an unfinished workpiece that requires machining, some material must be removed. A finished product meets the specifications outlined in the blueprint given by the client. To remove the metal in the cylindrical hole shape, we use the drill for the same.  Other tools for various types of metal removal include milling machines, saws, and grinding machines.


There are several benefits to machining:

  • Dependability: Regardless of the time or day of the week, the machining process continues uninterrupted. The chips and raw materials are transformed into finished products, which are then released to the market as high-quality tools. In this case, breakdowns are extremely rare, occurring only when maintenance or repairs are required.
  • Requires less human labour: Manufacturing industries are becoming more automated as technology advances. The process is primarily managed by computers or robots, which typically reduce production costs by eliminating human labour. The process requires minimal supervision.
  • High Production: The process will ensure high productivity because it can perform a large amount of work in a short period of time, such as drilling, better surface finish, milling, and spinning.
  • Identical Products: Despite the high rate of production, the finished products, such as cutting metals, are homogeneous and have very few or no errors. As a result of the improved quality, the products become marketable.
  • Increase profits with efforts: Another reason to machine your metal devices is to increase profits while decreasing effort. Some may wonder how machining relates to increased profits. The fact is that machining makes devices more expensive, but it is also very beneficial.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Machining is one of the most effective methods for increasing metal efficiency. Internal quality assurance detectors are always used when machining metals. This increases efficiency by increasing the speed of metal production and ensuring proper raw material usage.

Know about our company of field before you contact us.


Work with us today to design or maintain equipment, and expect the following quality features:

  • A large facility with large machine tools
  • 20-ton lifting capacity
  • A facility experienced in supplying complicated welded and machined items all under one roof
  • Mechanical design capability to detail prototype and R&D projects
  • Component and parts design and supply
  • An OEM sub-contractor of large assembles and turn-key projects
  • OEM quality spare parts

Being one of the largest maintenance and repair facilities in Brockville and Eastern Ontario, we are capable of catering to big and small machining needs. If you want to have specific equipment designed for your business, please discuss your requirements with us. 

Have Any Questions or Comments?

Hewitt (Brockville) Ltd. is here for all your machine needs, so don’t hesitate to ask us questions or send comments.

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