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We offer complete maintenance service to industries in machining, electric motor repair, equipment overhaul, and welding and fabrication at our machine shop in Brockville. Working with OEMs and consultants, we have large fabricating, machining, and assembly capabilities for projects and specialized products.


Whatever your machine needs, you can count on Hewitt (Brockville) Ltd.—your one-stop machine shop in Brockville, Ontario. As a multi-faceted business, we can provide you with machining, fabrication and welding, generator and electric motor repairs, and large machinery assemblage services all under the roof of one large modern facility.

When you work with us, you won’t have to visit several machine shops to get the work you want. Instead, our facility’s various services can offer almost everything you’ll need to design, repair, or rebuild your desired equipment. Get in touch with a member of our team today to schedule a service or ask any questions you may have.


Hewitt (Brockville) Ltd. is the answer to all your machine-related issues. The qualified technicians of our machine shop in Brockville can provide you with the following services:

  • Machining: We can create custom machines or offer pre-designed packages.

  • Machining of spare parts: Our spare parts program consists of replicating OEM and specialized parts and maintaining drawings and complete machining records for supplying consistent parts based on a unique part number created for that replacement part.

  • Fabrication & welding: We can work with a variety of metals and paint systems to meet your fabrication needs.

  • Motor repair: Our technicians can repair both medium and low-voltage motors and generators.

  • Mechanical repair & overhaul: We can repair and overhaul various mechanical equipment, from pumps to fans and airlocks.

  • On-site services: We offer on-site and in-the-field machinery services for your convenience.

  • Emergency repairs: We are available 24 hours on call and can quickly help you with machine breakdowns and emergencies.


People generally think of buying parts from an OEM but getting machine services done at a reliable machine shop like ours has many benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Ease of communicating your specific requirements: In-person interaction at the machine shop allows you to accurately communicate your specific requirements to get the result that you expect. You can specify the tolerances, and in case you are unsure of it, you can always request a member of your local machine shop to visit your place and take accurate measurements.
  • More scope for choosing the perfect parts and material: Visiting a machine shop and going through its vast selection before coming to a decision ensures that the material you choose is nothing short of the best. Apart from getting to touch and feel the material and even test it, you are also guided by professionals to help you make an informed decision. None of this would be possible if you go through images of the materials virtually.
  • Saving time and money: Visiting your local machine shop considerably reduces the time and money spent on delivering the material of your choice. 
  • Access to prototypes: While the initial designing and manufacturing of parts will require extra effort in getting them right, once they are made, you will have a prototype for the future. This will greatly reduce the time and effort spent by the machine shop in creating similar parts in the future and would also save you the cost of designing. 
  • Ease of installation: When you hire the same people who designed and manufactured the machine part to install it, there is little scope for error or confusion. The technicians at the machine shop are familiar with the part and its working and find the installation process much easier.
  • Opportunity to participate actively in the manufacturing process: Working with a machine shop to create an equipment piece can be a collaborative effort. You can be involved in the process, catch errors as and when they occur, and ensure that they are rectified well in time, eliminating the need for post-production modifications. 


As Brockville’s trusted machine shop, we encourage you to reach out to our knowledgeable and experienced technicians for all your machine fabrication and maintenance needs. We will not disappoint you.


We make sure our facility provides excellent service to your equipment with the most up-to-date technology and certifications. We are the only facility in Eastern Ontario certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to repair explosion-proof motors. Our structural division is certified by the CSA to handle 47.1 Division 2.1 (Steel) and certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) to handle 47.2 Division 3 (Aluminum).

With our extensive mechanical and electrical experience and safety knowledge, we can also offer you a high-quality service to improve your business’ productivity and reduce costs. Under the guidance of our machinery rebuild group, you can modify, overhaul, or rebuild almost any size of equipment to better suit your business. Whatever your design requirements are, we will do our best to accommodate them.

To learn more about the products and services we offer, read our brochure or contact us.

Manage Your Equipment

You can rely on us for emergency repairs and quick turnarounds on machining and welding.

Renew Your Equipment

Visit our machine shop in Brockville for electric motor and pump repairs and gearbox repairs and replacements.

Develop Your Equipment

We can design and maintain equipment for industries and OEMs that require comprehensive machining and fabricating capabilities.

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